Fatal car crash: “Driver didn’t have valid licence”

Police have established that the young man who caused a fatal accident in Ichtegem (West Flanders) on Sunday morning was driving without a valid licence.  A woman passenger aged twenty was thrown out of the car and died.

The driver was drunk at the wheel, was speeding and was the holder of a preliminary driving license that doesn’t allow him to drive at the weekend and to carry passengers.

The accident happened at 5:30 AM when the driver lost control of the wheel.  The car summersaulted and crashed into a house.  Investigators are trying to establish what exactly happened.

Prosecutors say the 20-year-old victim wasn’t wearing a seat belt.  Emilie had just started work at a care centre.  Director Frank Declerck told reporters: “Emilie was well-liked.  Everybody is in shock.”

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