“It’s too crazy for words”

One kangaroo is dead and a second is injured after a vicious attack by a wolf in the Kempen District of Antwerp Province.  August, a wolf who has been roaming in the area for some time now, though some people reported that he was dead yesterday, is believed to be responsible.  One kangaroo was bitten to death.

The wolf attacked the kangaroos that are being kept on an estate in Balen on Christmas Eve.  The wolf took the dead animal away with him.  The second, injured kangaroo was left behind.

Wolf expert Jan Loos attended the scene and examined the traces: “It seems too crazy for words, but I’m sure it’s the work of a wolf.”

The hot money is on August being responsible.  He is known to have been roaming in the area for some time.  DNA samples should now confirm his identity. A big public awareness campaign has been staged in Limburg Province, where the wolf was believed to be on the loose, informing people keeping animals. No such campaign has been organised in neighbouring Antwerp Province.  Jan Loos says the attack could have been prevented if a live wire fence had been used.

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