VRT fundraiser breaks all records

The VRT fundraiser De Warmste Week (The Warmest Week) raised 17,518,153 euros for charities and as a result broke all records.

Volunteers staged no fewer than 13,000 events or initiatives over the past week to raise cash for over 2,000 charities across Flanders.  This works out at around 45 events or activities for every single Flemish municipality. One in every five Flemings supported the fundraiser.

By the end of the Warmest Week volunteers had raised a record amount some 200,000 euros more than last year. Warmathons raised an enormous amount of cash.  Runs were organised in Kortrijk, Ghent, Antwerp, Leuven and Beringen with 53,000 people running for charity.

This year it wasn’t only about money.  People were encouraged to donate time and do voluntary work.  2,600 people did voluntary work putting in nearly 12,000 hours. The voluntary sector believes many volunteers will stick with it in coming months.

VRT Radio broadcast from Kortrijk for the entire Warmest Week with 137,000 people visiting the Studio Brussel studio on the Nelson Mandela Square. “It was an historic week for our city” said Mayor Van Quickenborne (liberal). “Never have so many people paid us a visit.”

In coming weeks the King Boudewijn Foundation will pay out the money raised to the individual charities.   


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