“It’s a miracle the second kangaroo escaped!”

There’s still no certainty with regard to the identity of the wolf that bit to death one kangaroo in Balen (Antwerp Province) and wounded a second animal.  Wolf expert Jan Loos believes the culprit is probably August, a wolf that has been marauding the borderlands between Limburg and Antwerp in recent months, but a wolf new to our climes could also be responsible.

Jan Loos explains: “Wolves are opportunistic animals.  They always try to get the biggest kill in return for as little effort as possible.  They are also highly efficient and it’s a miracle the second kangaroo managed to escape.  From a wolf you expect a fatal neck bite and that didn’t happen in this instance. The second kangaroo will survive, but the first was taken away and will no longer be alive.”

Flanders’ Nature and Forest Research Institute has taken DNA samples to identify the culprit.  In recent weeks August has been sighted in the area, but it can’t be ruled out that this is the work of a different animal. On Tuesday there were reports of a new wolf attacking sheep in the Antwerp Kempen District.  The animal is believed to have come from the Netherlands and may already have left.

For their safety the surviving kangaroos are being moved in a wooden chest.  Information on preventative action you can take if you have animals and wish to avoid wolf attacks is available in Dutch on this website.

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