From Arthur to Olivia: popular baby names in Flanders

The family organisation for young children, Kind en Gezin, has released data about the names for newly-borns. Arthur and Olivia rule, but there were also some less common names, such as Arya, Ariana or Archie. 

343 baby girls were named Olivia so far this year. Olivia easily got the better of Mila (301), Emma (276), Louise (273) and Ella (256). Olivia has always been in the top-10 over the past decade. 

For the boys, Arthur was chosen 338 times, narrowly beating Liam (333), Noah (319), Leon (314) and Louis (272). However, if you look at the phonetics rather than the spelling, Lukas/Lucas comes out on top, followed by Victor/Viktor. 

Celebrities also had their influence: 4 babies were named Archie (after the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle), there were also 27 Aryas (after a character in "Game of Thrones") and even 53 Arianas, after the singer Ariana Grande. 

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