Belgian market “not yet ready” for car boot deliveries

The Belgian post office bpost says that it currently has no plans to introduce a delivery service for parcels to the boots of people’s cars. This is despite the service having enjoyed a successful trial run. Bpost believes that the parcel delivery market in Belgium isn’t yet ready for a service that would delivery to the recipient’s vehicle rather than to their home or place of work. 

In June bpost announced that it was carrying out a trial of a new service that would enable parcels to be delivered to a recipient’s vehicle while they are at work. The trial was carried out among employees of Cronos, a company based in Kontich (Antwerp province) that is specialised in technological innovation.

Software was activated in the employees vehicles enabling the postman or postwoman to localise the vehicle and open its boot put the parcel inside and then shut and lock the boot again. The employee is then sent a message confirming that the parcel has been delivered. The system is currently used by Amazon in a number of cities in the United States.

Speaking on Friday, a bpost spokeswoman said that “This trial run has given us a number of important insights. Despite the positive trial run, we note that in the short term the market yet ready for the large scale introduction of this specific concept. We will continue to evaluate the concept of delivering to the boots of cars within the framework of our future range of services”.  

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