Limburg’s new wolf is a female

The latest wolf to have been spotted in Limburg province is a female. She was spotted in the same area where a male wolf that has been called August lives. This have raised speculation as to whether the two might breed and before long we might see the first wolf cubs to be born in the wild in Flanders in a very long time. February is the mating season for wolves. The news that the new wolf is a female comes from the Nature and Woodland Agency and has been confirmed by the office of the Flemish Environment Minister Zuhal Demir (nationalist). 

After having received a tip from a member of the public foresters working for the Nature and Woodland Agency found a series of paw prints in a nature reserve at Oudsbergen in Limburg province. As the paw prints were found in an area known to be inhabited by the wolf August, the foresters called in the assistance of specialists from the Nature and Woodland Research Institute.

They confirmed that the paw prints were from a wolf. Moreover they could say with near certainty that the paw prints had not been made by August as there was a clear size 

Possible interaction?

On Monday foresters saw images of the wolf that had been taken by a camera set up to observe wildlife in the nature reserve. Now the Nature and Woodland Research Institute has confirmed that the wolf is a female. It bases this assertion on the size of the animal, its paw prints and where the images were shot. The new wolf is in wolf August’s territory.

It is a possibility the female wolf will remain in the area and that she and August will “interact” cannot be ruled out. With the mating season due to start in February it is quite possible that there could soon be wolf cubs roaming the wilds of Limburg province. 

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