Limited disruption on the busses and trams, party bus services will run

Despite the ongoing industrial action by members of the socialist trade union ACOD, the Flemish public transport company De Lijn says that there is only limited disruption to its services today. De Lijn also assures those planning to make use of its party bus services to get to or from their New Year’s celebration that these special services will all run as planned. Only in Ghent and Antwerp have some bus and tram services that were scheduled to operate been cancelled. 

Those wishing to leave the car at home in order to enjoy a New Year’s Eve drink need not worry. De Lijn’s Ine Debruyne told VRT News that “We expect that there will be little or no disruption to party bus services tonight”.  

However, in Ghent and Antwerp some services have been scrapped. “A few services have been cancelled on the Antwerp tram network. It is also the case that people in Ghent need to be aware that there will be no services that operate from depots in the city between about 8 or 9pm and 11:15pm”.

For the very latest “real-time” information passengers are advised to consult De Lijn’s website or the company’s app.

Just as on Monday, the disruption to services today is limited "Like yesterday the impact can be felt most in towns with the exception of in West Flanders and Limburg where all services are running normally”, Mr Debruyne explained.

The ACOD’s strike notice covers the whole week from Monday 30 December until Friday 3 January. 

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