Women up to her tummy in bog rescued thanks to emergency 112 app

Two women have been rescued from an East Flemish bog after alerting the emergency services to their location using the 112 emergency app.

It was on New Year’s Day that the two unfortunate women got stuck in swampy ground in the East Flemish bog at the Wellemeersen nature spot.  Fire-fighters struggled to locate the women, but thanks to the app they were able to pass on their location.

The two ladies in their prime had decided on a New Year’s Day walk at the local beauty spot, but when they strayed off the path one of the women ended up in the bog.  She sank up to her tummy.  Her companion wasn’t able to rescue her and alerted the emergency services.

Six fire-fighters attended the scene, but struggled to locate the unfortunate women even after heat cameras were deployed.  One of the women then installed the 112-app allowing them to be rescued.  Both women were taken to Ghent University Hospital suffering from hypothermia.

The 112 Belgium app is the official app of the Belgian emergency services.  Once installed and after you have registered, you can send alerts to the ambulance service, the police or fire service.  Emergency services can also see your location.

The Wellemeersen form the largest flood area of the River Dender.  It’s swampy territory and ramblers should stick to the paths and err on the side of caution.


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