Early risers can enjoy a meteor shower on Saturday morning

Those of us that get up early on Saturday will quite possibly be able to witness a meteor shower in the skies above our region. The meteor shower is an annual phenomenon known as the Quandrantids, a meteor shower that flies around the earth. According to the Mira Observatory in Grimbergen (Flemish Brabant) the meteor shower will be best visible between 6am and 7am on Saturday morning. However, it could well be visible an hour before that.        

At the shower’s height between 100 and 120 meteors an hour will fly by. However, if there is moonlight only half of these will be visible. Cloud could also serve to put a spoiler on things. Once the sun comes up the show will be over.    

The Quadrantids are an annual phenomenon. Its cycle is very short and will peak on Saturday morning. The meteors are relatively weak, blue-like and leave long tracks.

After Saturday morning we will have to wait until the summer before we will be able to see another meteor shower this year.

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