Ghent Imam Khalid Benhaddou to be allowed to fly to and over the US after all

The Ghent (East Flanders Imam Khalid Benhaddou is to be allowed to fly to or over the United States after all. The news that the American authorities had had a change of heart has been confirmed by Mr Benhaddou. 

Mr Benhaddou is the coordinator of an educational network of Islamic studies experts. On Wednesday he had wanted to fly from Brussels to Mexico. However, at Zaventem Airport near Brussels he was told that he couldn’t board his flight on the orders of the US security services.  

Speaking on Friday afternoon Mr Behaddou told VRT News that "I contacted the American Embassy yesterday (Thursday) and I was promised that they would look into this and apparently it was a mistake. They apologised profusely”.   

The Embassy told Mr Benhaddou that his name has now been removed from the security services’ file.   

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