Christophe Ketels / COMPAGNIE GAGARINE

Nasty smell in Antwerp and beyond probably all weekend

The cause of the nasty smell up in Antwerp has been tracked down.  The stench is due to a problem at the ATPC oil refinery in the Port of Antwerp.  The odour is unpalatable, but poses no threat to public health.

A particularly nasty chemical smell is upsetting the locals in Antwerp and neighbouring municipalities.  On their website the city authorities warn that people may have to put up with the stench for the whole weekend, while the emergency services, the Flemish environment inspection and the oil refinery try to sort the problems ASAP.

Many locals are concerned.  The environmental inspection has carried out measurements and no increased levels of toxic substances were detected. The stench has been linked to the ATPC oil refinery where a delivery of crude oil that is being processed is the cause of the problem because it isn’t suitable for treatment at the Antwerp installation.  The processing can’t be halted midway due to safety concerns. 

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