Cross border cash car chase ends in crash

A police chase that started in the Dutch province of North Brabant ended with the vehicle that was being perused crashing into a van that was parked in front of a house in the village of Meer in Antwerp Province. The two people that were in the vehicle have been detained. Police found a large quantity of drugs inside the car. 

Dutch police started their pursuit of the French-registered car in which two people were travelling just across the border. Els Dellafaille of the Noorderkempen Local Police Service told VRT News that “The chase only lasted three minutes because just on this side of the border on the Europastraat in Hoogstraten the car crashed. It is a miracle that neither of the two people that were inside were injured”.     

Police search the vehicle and found 220g of cannabis. Small quantities of cocaine and heroin were also found, as were a gun, a knife and pepper spray. Both suspects have been detained. They will be questioned by an Examining Magistrate later today. 

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