Flemish Employers’ Federation calls on politicians to “act instead of squabbling”.

The Flemish Employers’ Federation Voka has called on the Flemish Government to take decisive action rather than keep squabbling. Voka also calls on those involved in negotiations for the formation of a new Federal Government to stop playing political games and to start working towards a strong and all-embracing coalition agreement.         

Speaking at the organisations New Year’s reception the Voka’s Chairman Wouter De Geest said that Voka expectations of Flemish Government are that it matches words with deeds. Above all Voka hopes that the Flemish Government doesn’t become embroiled in internal squabbling, but introduces effective policies about which it communicates to the public in an attractive way.            

Mr De Geest added that the Flemish Government has a lot of work to do. "We must position Flanders among the top regions in Europe. This is why we should continue to look to the north”.

Mr De Greef is critical of the fact that there is nothing in the Flemish coalition agreement about the introduction of a road pricing across the region.   

"We must tackle traffic jams with investment and road pricing”.

There were also a few choice words for those involved in the federal coalition negotiations. After months of stalemate Voka is becoming inpatient.  

"Unfortunately the last 7 months have not been used for thorough preparatory work, but rather they have been misused for all kinds of political games that no-one else is interested in. Dear politicians, you are masters in the game of political Stratego. However, now it is time to stop playing Stratego and to start building bridges”.  

Voka is positive about the out-going Federal Government that until a couple of months ago was led by Charles Michel. “Please don’t turn back the clock”, Mr De Geest said.     

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