Thousand euro bonus for Flemish workers after takeover in tobacco sector

The takeover of Royal Agio Cigars of the Netherlands by Denmark's Scandinavian Tobacco Group means Royal Agio Cigars workers will receive a bonus.  The Dutch family that owns Royal Agio Cigars has announced staff will receive a bonus from a pot of 10 million euros.

The staff windfall will be welcome for 280 Flemish workers at the company's plant in Westerlo (Antwerp Province). According to the socialist union the bonus will total at least 1,000 euros and could run up to the equivalent of six months of pay. At Westerlo the bonus will be especially welcome because there are fears that the new owners will want to merge the plant with one of their existing plants in Limburg Province. With two further plants close to the Belgian border in the Netherlands unions at Westerlo fear for the Flemish plant's future.  The Scandinavian Tobacco Group will now take three months to have a closer look at the production process at Agio before announcing any changes.

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