Informateur’s document leaked: N-VA still in the running


Parts of a discussion document drawn up by the two men charged with putting federal government formation talks on the rails have been leaked.  The document drafted by Flemish Christian democrat leader Joachim Coens and Francophone liberal leader Georges-Louis Bouchez wasn’t intended for publication, but parts of the contents were circulated among several political parties.

VRT’s political editor Johny Vansevenant notes that the document contains many centre and right wing policies and unlike that of the two men’s predecessor, Francophone socialist leader Paul Magnette, isn’t left wing.  His conclusion is that on the basis of this document the Flemish nationalist N-VA party, Belgium’s biggest, is still a contender for power.

The two informateurs have been taking soundings with a view to the formation of a new federal government following the inconclusive election on 26 May.  

The document no longer speaks of a 1500 euro minimum pension for everybody with a full working career. The budget deficit needs to be halved by 2024 but without increasing the tax burden.  The document does mention a tax on kerosene and a tax on internet giants like Facebook.

The informateurs envisage keeping nuclear power plants open after 2025 with ethical issues settled within the government and preparation of state reforms for 2024.

The informateurs’ document does not seen to prepare the coalition of Flemish and Francophone socialists, liberals, Christian democrats and greens envisaged by Mr Magnette and keeps the Flemish nationalists firmly in the running for office.

On Monday the informateurs see King Filip.

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