Walloon ministers receive suspect letters

Several ministers in the Walloon government have received suspicious envelopes containing a white powder and an anonymous letter.  The head of the local fire service in Jambes (Namur) where the letters were sent says an investigation is underway to establish whether or not the powder is dangerous.

Staff at the offices where the letters were opened have been told to stay in their office, while other workers have been evacuated.  Civil protection officers are examining the powder to determine whether it is harmful.

Walloon finance minister Jean-Luc Crucke says the envelope he got wasn’t opened, but that this did happen elsewhere.  In all seven letters have been recovered, at the Walloon PM’s office, the local town hall and at the offices of several Walloon ministers.

The Walloon cabinet met this morning in the same building as the PM’s office.  As a result ministers too had to stay indoors for a while, but received the all-clear by lunch-time.

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