Bus driver finishes his routes despite having been stabbed 10 times

A bus driver that works for the Flemish public transport company De Lijn was stabbed ten times while working a route between Boom and Lier in Antwerp Province. Despite his injuries the driver carried on working, only calling the emergency services once he had reached the bus depot at the end of his route. Doctors that examined the driver say that his injuries are life-threatening. The Antwerp Judicial Authorities have opened an investigation into attempted murder. 

The driver was ahead of schedule and decided to take a break outside Kontich railway station south of Antwerp. He used to time to go for a smoke outside his bus. It was then that a man stormed up to him, attacked him with a knife and then ran away.  

Christel Minne of the Antwerp Judicial Authorities told VRT News that "The driver then finished his route. It is possible that he was in shock. It was only at the Tisselt Depot (Willebroek, Antwerp Province) that he realised that he had injuries from stabbing. His colleagues contacted the emergency services. He was taken to Antwerp University Hospital where 10 knife wounds were found around his neck, in his right upper leg and on his arms. The doctors say that his injuries are life-threatening.     

Nothing is yet known about the person that carried out the stabbing or his motives.  

"It is currently still unclear as to what happened and there is no indication as to the identity of the attacker”, Ms Minne added.   

An attempted murder investigation has been opened. Forensic evidence has been collected from the bus and witnesses have been questioned.  

The Judicial Authorities Spokeswoman added that "We are also looking into whether there are CCTV images of the incident”. 

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