One inmate escapes from Wortel prison through a hole in the wall, a second one caught on the spot

The prison in Wortel (Antwerp province) was the scene of a breakaway. One inmate had a failed attempt, but another one managed to flee. He is still on the run. 

The two staged their attempt last night. One could be stopped within the prison walls, but another one got away. A search is being staged to catch the man, but he is still on the run. 

It turns out that the two managed to make a hole in the wall of their prison cell. The man on the run is of Tunisian descent and got five years in 2018 in a case of property crimes. 

Because of the incident, the prison doors remain closed today. Family of friends of inmates who had planned a visit will have to postpone this.  Wortel is a relatively new prison, situated in Hoogstraten. 

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