Cleaners take to the streets again to ask for more pay

Around 200 cleaners took to the streets of Brussels on Monday morning to demand better pay and improved working conditions. The cleaners that protested on Monday are all paid in so-called “service cheques”, vouchers, the value of which is partly tax deductable, and that can be used to pay for domestic chores such as cleaning or ironing. Those that took part in Monday morning’s demonstration are all members of the Socialist Trade Union ABVV. Last week the Christian Trade Union ACV held a cleaners’        

The cleaners march to the headquarters of Daoust, the company that employs them. In addition to cleaners some home helps also joined the protest.   

The protesters are demanding a 1.1% pay increase. Currently they earn an average of 11.50 euro/hour. Negotiations on a pay increase are currently at an impasse.   

Representatives of the Socialist Trade Union ABVV met with Daoust’s bosses on Monday morning. Daoust made big profits last year and is a prominent member of the Employers’ Federation Federgon.  

"Given that the bosses at Daoust say that they have a lot of respect for the process of talks between employers and employees, they should take responsibility within Fed ergon and bring a just wage increase to the negotiating table.   

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