Customs officer suspended for spreading online hate

The Federal Finance Department has suspended a customs officer after his You Tube channel was found to contain messages of hate towards Moslems and homosexuals and complot theories about 9/11. 

The department’s spokesman Francis Adyns told journalists that the man had only been working for the Customs Service since 3 January. 

"However, we suspended him after just a week on the bases of tips from a journalists about films that he has posted”.  

The film dates from a few years ago. The Francophone public broadcaster RTBF says that the man calls on Moslems to convert and calls the Prophet Mohammed “a prophet of Satan”. The man also claims that Islam encourages child abuse. In another film the man claims that it has been scientifically proved that homosexuality is a “perversion” and “an insult to the teaching of the Bible”.

He also posted videos featuring complot theories about 9/11 and a video in which he expresses his support for the Russian President Vladmir Putin and the Syrian President Assad.  

Mr Adyns told journalists that "These are things that are not in keeping with what a civil servant should be honourable, neutral and objective. This is why he has been suspended pending an investigation. On the basis on this we will decide what further action will be taken. The man is currently in is year’s training. As long as the investigation is running he will continue to be paid.   

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