Football federation to map out racism

Starting next football season more information will be collected on racism in the amateur game.  Football federation Voetbal Vlaanderen says that in future referees giving a red card or witnessing an incident will have to provide a full report.

Voetbal Vlaanderen intends to come down hard on racism, sexism and homophobia.  Benny Mazur: “After incidents we notice there is always an argument.  The victim can’t always report the matter.  Refs don’t always notice.  Reports record what happened, e.g. a blow, but not the causes”.

Reports will be more detailed.  In addition to the facts, referees will also be able to identify problems so that the investigating committee can get a better picture from the start.

When a ref gives a red card or there is an incident he or she will be able to mention any link to racism.  In this way there will be a clearer picture of the incident and players will get a fairer treatment.

Racism, a perennial issue, already receives a lot of attention at Voetbal Vlaanderen and a new survey is on the way. To be continued.

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