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First seal release of the year at Blankenberge

Two seals that had been treated at the Sea Life Centre in the West Flemish resort of Blankenberge has been released back into the sea. It was the first time this year that seals have been released from captivity into the sea at Blankenberge.

Both seals washed up on the beaches at Middelkerke and Oostduinkerke last year. They were exhausted, malnourished and in a poor state of health. There were taken to Sea Life in Blankenberge and have since recovered sufficiently for them to be released back into the sea.  

The two seals were given the names Oscar and Groovy by those that have been looking after them.

When Oscar was found on the beach at Middelkerke last July he weighed just 11.8kg. He had a number of wounds on his body and had an eye infection.

In the meantime he has gained weight, now weighing in at 40.5kg. Groovy was found very weak on the beach at Oostduinkerke. He weighed just 14kg. He has since gained weight and now weighs 36.5kg.

Currently, just one wild seal remains at Sea Life. The animal founds at the start of the month in the dunes at Bredene. 

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