Laughing gas soon to be banned in the whole of the Brussels-Capital Region

The Mayor of the City of Brussels Philippe Close (Francophone socialist) told a meeting of Brussels City Council on Monday evening that the recreational use of laughing gas will soon be banned across the Brussels-Capital Region. The ban has been included in the common Police Regulation (a document that groups a number of rules and bye laws) that is applicable in all of the capital region’s 19 municipalities. 

Previously a several Brussels municipalities such as Sint-Joost-ten-Node and Koekelberg banned the possession and use of laughing gas in their respective areas. Soon the inclusion of a ban in the General Police Regulation will mean that it applies throughout Brussels.    

Taking laughing gas provides a short-term high and the use of the gas that is not illegal to buy or sell has become popular among youngster in recent times. However, inhaling laughing gas is not without danger.   

Speaking on Monday evening Mr Close revealed that subject to approval from the various authorities from 1 April the possession and recreational use of laughing gas will be banned all over Brussels. 

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