Night time closure for Interchange between Eastbound E40 and Brussels orbital

From Monday 13 January until the end of February the motorway interchange that carries traffic from the eastbound E40 to Brussels Orbital Motorway in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe (Flemish Brabant) with be closed every weekday night. The Flemish Highways Agency is renewing the lights on what is one of the busiest motorway interchanges in the region. A diversion is in place while the interchange is closed. 

Those wishing to get onto to the orbital motorway from the eastbound carriageway will first have to go to the next junction at Sterrebeek and turn around.     


The old street lighting at the intersection is being replaced to make way for new LED lighting. In order to carry out the work safely the intersection will be closed every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night between 9pm and 5am.  

The diversion at Sterrebeek means that motorists travelling from Sterrebeek along the N227 will not be able to get onto the westbound E40. Those wishing to drive from Nossegem to Sterrebeek will be diverted along the Sterrebeekstraat and de Oude Keulseweg.     

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