Robbers blow up ATM at Zaventem Post Office

Robbers have blown up a cash machine at a post office in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Zaventem. It is still unclear as to whether any cash was taken in the robbery.

Ellen Vanderpoel of the Zaventem Local Police Service told VRT News that the robbery took place at around 4:30am.

"Patrol cars went to the scene straight away, as dis the Fire Service, given that the explosion had also called a fire. The robbers had already fled taking a number of cash containers with them. However, it is not clear whether they actually contained any cash”.  

No one was injured in the explosion and subsequent fire. However, the post office will probably remain closed for the rest of the day.

As yet nothing is known about the identity of robbers. The police, the bomb disposal service DOVO and the forensic lab are at the scene.

A robbery at an ATM using explosives is highly exceptional in the area of Flemish Brabant near to Brussels. Over the past year most such robberies took place in municipalities near to the Dutch border in Antwerp province and Limburg.  

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