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Wolves August and Noëlla have met, but will they mate?

The female wolf Noëlla that appeared just recently in woodland in Limburg province has met a male wolf that has been in the area for some time. Wolf enthusiast have called the male wolf August. Both animals were caught on camera together on land owned by the Belgian military at Hechtel-Eksel.      

From the images taken by a camera that was set up by the Nature and Woodland Institute it would appear that August and Noëlle are getting on well. With the mating season just a few weeks away the patter of tiny paws sometime later this year is a distinct possibility.

Eddy Ulenaers of the Nature and Woodland Institute told VRT News that “The animals get along well and there is a big chance that they will form a couple for life.  

The incubation period for wolves is relatively short. “If Noella becomes pregnant in February she will give birth in May. She can carry between four and eight cubs. However, first the wolf we go on reconnaissance to see what food there is and the cubs will be adapted to suit this”, Mr Ulenaers added.

August already formed a couple with the female wolf Naya, who was pregnant. The Nature and Woodland Agency says that Naya was killed just before the start of last summer.

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