“Brussels gang offers 16-year-old française for prostitution”

Brussels prosecutors are investigating a city gang that is suspected of locking up a missing 16-year-old girl and offering her for prostitution.  Seven men have been detained.

The French girl ran away from home last November and together with her boyfriend made for Brussels.  The daily Het Nieuwsblad claims that money changed hands between the boyfriend and the gang and that the girl was “sold” and locked up in the wealthy suburb of Ukkel.  The gang then created a profile for the girl on a prostitution website and obliged her to have sex with different men in a house in Ukkel and in hotel rooms.

The girl was rescued after somebody in France noticed her photo on the sex website and notified the police. The seven men arrested include one man suspected of organising the prostitution of the girl. All suspects face exploitation charges.

The same gang is being held responsible for similar offences against a set of French girls.

(The hotel room pictured above is an illustration. There is no evidence it was ever used in this case. The house pictured below is where the girl was held.)

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