Cannabis farm discovered inside a bridge in West Flanders

Fire-fighters have made an unusual discovery: a cannabis farm inside a bridge over the River Leie in Wielsbeke (West Flanders).  The farm is a professional set-up that taps off electricity from an electricity supply unit under the bridge.  Police say they have never seen a sophisticated set-up of this kind in Belgium before.

The cannabis farm was located in a tunnel crossing the River Leie inside the bridge. Fire-fighters were called to the scene on Wednesday morning when a passer-by reported smoke coming from the bridge.  They attended the scene and to their amazement made the discovery: a cannabis farm with 250 plants.

Many plants were ripe for harvest.  Others had already been harvested.  Police seized the plants and are now trying to track down those responsible. They have made an appeal for witnesses.

The cannabis farm included two pools needed to water the plants and was also equipped with carbon filters, an electric fire and several lamps.  Everything had to be brought in via a small opening in the bridge.  Electricity was tapped off to power the lamps needed to help the plants to grow.

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