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Belgian supermarkets stop importing kangaroo meat

All the major supermarket chains in Belgium have stopped importing kangaroo meat. The news comes from the animal rights group Gaia. Delhaize, Colruyt, Aldi and Lidl already stopped selling kangaroo meat. They have now been joined in doing so by Carrefour, Makro, Cora, Match and Spar. GAIA has called on the Economy Minister in Belgium’s caretaker federal government Nathalie Muyle (Flemish Christian democrat to ban the import of kangaroo meat, at the very least as a temporary measure. 

Millions of animals have perished as a result of the bush fires in Australia. Many of these are kangaroos. Gaia’s Ann De Greef told journalists that “Delhaize, Colruyt, Aldi, Lidl had already removed kangaroo  meat from their range. Over the past few days we have be able to convince the remaining supermarkets to stop selling kangaroo meat”.      

GAIA says that in 2016 Belgium imported more than 632 tonnes of kangaroo meat. This equates to around 180,000 kangaroos. This means that Belgium is the World’s biggest importer of kangaroo meat. 

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