Dogs to be allowed on beach at Middelkerke during the summer season

In what will be a first for the Flemish Coast dogs are to be allowed on two sections of the beach that are monitored by life guards at Middelkerke during the summer season. The two sections of “dog beach” will be monitored to ensure that Rover, Fido and their friends (and owners) behave themselves. The fact that life guards will be present also means that dog owners and others that use the sections of beach will also be able to swim in the sea if they so wish.  

Although dogs are allowed on sections of beach at other resorts during the summer season, it will be the first time that dog owners will be able to take their pets with them to sections of beach where life guards are present.  

The two sections of “dog beach” will be in front of the former Crystal Palace camp site in the Krokodille area of Middelkerke. The municipal authorities in the resort hopes that the measure will bring to an end an absurd and dangerous situation.

Alderman Tom Dedecker told VRT Radio 2 West Flanders that “We noticed that there were always very few people at the area of beach monitored by life guards at Crystal Palace, while the section of beach next to it was always very busy. Dog owners in particular went there because they weren’t welcome in the monitored section. It was pretty daft and dangerous too. This is why we are going to introduce “dog zones”. We think that this will be a success from the point of view of tourism”.      

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