One of the biggest diamonds ever found to be cut in Antwerp

The second biggest diamond ever found, The  Sewelo, is on its way to Antwerp to be cut for Louis Vuitton jewellery. The diamond was mined last year in Botswana.  Paul Van der Steen of the Scientific and Technical Diamond Research Centrum told VRT Radio “Above all Antwerp has the expertise to process such a big stone”.   

It will be the Antwerp company HB that will polish and cut 1,758 carat stone.  

"In order to process a stone in optimal conditions, you first have to make a 3D map of it. This is done with high-precision scanning technology. Then software is used to calculate what will be the best cut stone”, Mr Van der Steen explained.   

He added that the value of a diamond depends of quality rather than quantity.

“One the stone has been measured it is then split up into pieces by sawing it following a plan produced by a computer. The cutting is now done by a laser. The whole process takes a couple of months”. Mr Vander Steen added that it is precision work with no margin of error.    

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