185 activists detained at Extinction Rebellion protest at Brussels Motor Show

On the penultimate day of the Brussels Motor Show members of the radical climate action group Extinction Rebellion stage at protest inside the exhibition hall at Brussels Expo on Saturday afternoon. According to the group the Motor Show that this year features a large range of new electric and hybrid vehicle should be called the “Show of Lies” as so-called “green”  vehicles are anything but CO2 neutral.   

The organisation points to the fact that the production of the electricity to power such vehicles is (often) not CO2 neutral. This is also the case when it comes to the energy used to power the factories that produce electric and hybrid vehicles and the lorries and ships used to transport them from the factory to the showroom.  

The activists made speeches, handed out leaflets and threw themselves in front of some of the cars that were on display. Some activists even glued themselves to an electrically powered car that was on display at the show. Around 185 activists were detained during the protest that was unauthorised.

The activists staged their protest at dozens of locations inside the exhibition hall. It last around three hours and finished at around 4pm.  

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