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New night train service to and from Austria launches on Sunday

For the first time since 2003 there will be a rail service to and from a Belgian station that will travel through the night to reach its destination the following morning. consist of two trains, one departing from Austrian capital Vienna and the city of Innsbruck, that will join together en route and arrive in Brussels as one train. The first trains will leave Austria on Sunday evening. The return journey from Brussels with a stop in Liège will be made twice a week. 

When the Nightjet arrives in Brussels on Monday morning it will be the first time since 2003 that a night train service will have arrived or departed from a Belgian station.  The service that is being operated by the Austrian rail company OBB will run from Brussels and Liège on Monday and Thursday nights. The Austrian rail company has a number of night train services with destinations mainly in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

All being well one train will leave Vienna at 8:38pm, while the other will depart from Innsbruck at 8:44pm. The trains will be joined together at Nurnberg in Germany. The trains will then continue as one to Belgium. They will call at Liège at 9:46am, Brussels North at 10:45am and Brussels South at 10:55am.        

Those taking the night to Austria will depart Brussel South at 6:04pm and arrive at 8:27am the following morning in Vienna or at 9:14am in Innsbruck. The train will call at a number of stations such as Munich, Passau and Linz. Tickets start from 29.90 euro single.  

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