Princess Astrid visits development projects in Nepal

King Filip’s younger sister Princess Astrid has arrived in Nepal to visit projects set up by the NGO Damien Action. The Princess is Honorary President of Damien Action and has made the trip to show her support for the NGO’s teams on the ground in Nepal and to help publicise the work done by Damien Action among the population at large both in Nepal and in Belgium.    

The visit comes just ahead of the launch of Damien Action’s 2020 campaign. Princess Astrid’s husband Prince Lorenz is accompanying her on the trip.

They and the other members of the delegation will visit several parts of Nepal where there are issues with leprosy and Tuberculosis. Princess Astrid will also meet with the President of Nepal as well as holding meetings with the countries Health, Defence and Foreign Ministers.   

The Belgian Princess will also use her visit to call on the Nepalese authorities to sign up to the Ottawa Convention that bans anti-personnel mines.

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