“Pay what you like” restaurant in Mechelen soon

The good people of Mechelen will have a new restaurant to choose from this fall.  The restaurant is an initiative of brewery “Het Anker” famed for its Carolus beers.  It will be a very special restaurant because guests will be able to decide for themselves how much they pay.

Charles Leclef: “We want to show that a restaurant can also have an important social dimension. It’s a discrete way of ensuring that people for whom money is tight will be able to enjoy a nice night out at a restaurant.”

The new restaurant will be located at the foot of Mechelen’s famous Saint Rombouts Tower, part of  Mechelen Cathedral.

Charles Leclef: “Hopefully people who are well off will decide to pay a little more.  People for who money is tight will pay less.  They can decide for themselves how much they pay.  We want everybody to enjoy a great restaurant experience without being stigmatised. Everybody in the restaurant is equal.  Nobody will need to produce a special card or pass via a charity.”

“We’re doing this not for profit but because this is a project close to our heart.  Economy should be there to serve people not the other way around. We hope to be able to cover costs with what people offer. ‘Enough’ is a beautiful word, but one too often forgotten by businesspeople nowadays.”

A free Gouden Carolus beer will not be on offer though.  The restaurant will adhere to strict rules when it comes to alcohol and for beer you will always have to fork out!

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