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Doubling in number of animals seized

The past year the number of animals seized in Flanders doubled.  The total includes pets and farm animals suffering from neglect or being abused.  The figure continues to rise year after year.  Most of the seized animals end up in animal shelters.

Flemish animal welfare services seized animals at 541 locations in 2019.  For the first time pigs have been removed from a pig farmer because of neglect. Over 100 pigs needed a new home as a result. Hundreds of cats and dogs also feature on the list as well as horses, poultry and cows.  More surprisingly is perhaps the presence of birds of prey, reptiles and fish. On average some 540 animals were impounded each and every month.

Animal welfare minister Weyts (Flemish nationalist) stresses that unlike in the past the authorities are now paying animal shelters to accommodate seized animals.  Last year some 440,000 euros was spent on care, feed and accommodation for seized animals in shelters.

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