High pressure record recorded at Ukkel Weather Centre

A new record for air pressure has been set at the Ukkel Weather Centre in Brussels. At 11am on Monday equipment at the centre measured air pressure of 1048.3 hectopascal (hPa). The VRT’s weatherman Franck Deboosere was first to report the new record via his Twitter account. The previous record of 1048.0 hPa was set on 27 January 1932. Records of air pressure have been kept since 1901.          

Weatherman David Dehenauw told the press agency Belga that although statistically interesting, the level of high pressure doesn’t have any effects that can be felt by us. Like during any other period of high pressure it will remain dry and there will be little if any wind.    

Very high pressure is typical of the winter period. Air pressure is a way of measuring the weight of the column of air in the skies above us.

“The higher you go, the lower the air pressures. The values are converted to what they would be at sea level.  

While most of us won’t notice anything about the high pressure, those that heat a pan of water might notice that it doesn’t boil until it has reached 101°C rather than the standard 100°C. 

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