7 million counterfeit cigarettes confiscated at Limburg warehouse

A Federal Police Special Unit and members of the Limburg Special Assistance Unit - Tactical Intervention Group raided warehouses in the village of Gillik and on the Smeermaas Industrial Estate both near Lanaken in Limburg Province on Monday afternoon. No one was detained in the raids. However, around seven million counterfeit cigarettes were found. The seizure of the bogus cigarettes has been confirmed by Federal Finance Service’s spokesman Francis Adyns. The Federal Finance Service is responsible for the Belgian Customs Service.      

Assistance was requested from the special units as there were indications that the warehouses were being guarded by armed men. The cigarettes seized were Superkings, a brand popular among smokers in the UK. Mr Adyns wouldn’t go into too much detail about the raid. However, he did say that the cigarettes seized had been made just a few hours before the warehouse was raided.   

At the end of November last year an illegal cigarette factory was raided and dismantled in Lanaken. Then detectives arrested 8 Ukrainians. Several tones of Richmond and Marlboro tobacco were confiscated. The operation was carried out with the support of Europol.   

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