Bells of Baal every quarter has villagers at each other’s throats

A nasty row threatens in the otherwise so peaceful village of Baal (Tremelo – Flemish Brabant), where newcomers are unhappy with the local church carillon that plays through the night.  The church authorities of the St Anna Church that own the carillon are eager to uphold a 125 year old tradition.

“We not getting enough sleep” say the newcomers unhappy with the carillon that plays its tune each and every quarter of an hour all through the day and night. The municipal authorities are seeking a solution, but so far the church authorities are sticking to their guns.

For some the tune is a lullaby, for others an infernal nuisance.  One lady goes for a sleep-over at her daughter’s twice a week to get some rest.

The local mayor understands the complaints but professes not to be disturbed by the bells even though he lives just round the corner.  “You get used to it” he says. “The carillon tune has sounded every quarter for 125 years and we’re proud of it!”

According to Belgian law the ringing of church bells cannot be seen as a disturbance at night. The municipal authorities; however, are prepared to accept a quiet period from midnight to 6AM when the carillon won’t sound, but it’s the church that will have the final say.

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