Mechelen housing estate once again plagued by ducks

A year after the Malderen (Flemish Brabant) Bird Sanctuary was called in to round up a large group of ducks that were making life a misery for local residents, once again the Otterbeek housing estate in Mechelen is being plagued by the bird. One local told VRT Radio 2 Antwerp that "They peck open our bin liners and leave duck poo behind everywhere, even on our letter boxes and cars. So once again Mechelen City Council has call the bird sanctuary to try and elevate the problem.    

Marina and Isela are Local residents of the social housing estate. They told the VRT that “As soon as we put our bin liners out they peck them open”.

A year ago Mechelen City Council brought in the help of the Malderen Bird Sanctuary to catch the birds that as is the case again now were making people’s lives a misery.   

Marina and Isela explained that "People give them bread and that’s why the birds come back. This is despite a letter having been sent to everyone telling them not to feed the ducks”.

The ducks defecate everywhere “They sit on our letter boxes, on the window ledges and even on our cars. They even come into the entrance hall”.   

Despite there clearly being issues the City of Mechelen says that it has received just one complaint.

The Alderman responsible for Animal Welfare Vicky Vanmarcke (liberal) told VRT News "Some people like the ducks. However, we have called in the bird sanctuary again to come and catch the ducks. They will come as soon as they have time. This will be within the next two weeks. In the meantime we will post letters and put up signs asking people not to feed the birds”.   

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