Musical protest against Brexit outside Brussels South Station

The commuters that pass through Brussels South Railway Station were treated to a free concerts by the members of the Brussels Groove Collective on Friday morning. Lead by the British music lecture Pete Churchill, the collective that is made up of students from Brussels Francophone Royal School of Music played outside the station that houses the Eurostar stop in order to send out the messages the British musicians are still welcome here despite Brexit.

Accompanied by a piano around 20 singers, the collectived provided commuters and other passers-by with an up-beat musical start to the day. The songs sung were about brotherhood, sisterhood, migration and togetherness.     

The leader of the collective Pete Churchill is a British lecturer that teaches both at the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Brussels Royal School of Music.

"I will continue to buy my tickets for the Eurostar, but the future doesn’t look so clear-cut. No one can tell me how it will be in a year’s time. Before the UK joined the European Union artists had to request a visa for each individual country. Maybe musicians will be scared off from continuing to come”, Pete Churchill told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz.     

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