Another grenade attack in Antwerp

There has been another explosion caused by hand grenade being thrown at a property in Antwerp. This time the garage door of a block of flats in the Deurne district of the city was targeted. The explosion occurred at around 4am on Saturday. No one was injured in the incident.

Just after 4am local resident of the Victor De Langhestraat in Deurne heard a loud explosion. The Antwerp Local Police Service says that all the indications point to the explosion having been the result of a grenade attack.  

The explosion damaged the garage door and the front facade of the flats as well as damaging several cars that were parked in the area. The bomb disposal service Dovo and the forensic lab both attended the scene. The street was cordoned off while they carried out their investigation.

The Judicial Authorities have appointed an Examining Magistrate to look into “We are currently investigating whether the explosion is drug-related”, the Judicial Authorities said in a statement.  

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