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Gent Jazz can finally reimburse those that bought tickets for a cancelled Sting concert

More than six month after a concert by the British artist Sting was cancelled the organisers of the Ghent Jazz music festival are to reimburse those that bought tickets. The festival’s organiser has sent an e-mail informing those that bought tickets that they will get their money back. Sting was to have performed at Ghent Jazz on 8 July. The festival said at the time that those with tickets would be reimbursed. However, this proved easier said than done. 

Now the disappointed Sting fans’ patience has been rewarded as all those that bought tickets for the cancelled concert will get their money back within the next 7 days.  

Ghent Jazz has received a deposit covering some of the price of the ticket from its insurance company and is now able to reimburse those that had bought ticket in full.

"The sum that we have now received enables us, if we advance some money ourselves, to ensure that there is no longer an issue between us and our visitors. There is now only an issue between us and the insurance company”, Betrand Flamang of Ghent Jazz told VRT News.  

"Everyone that was waiting for their money will now get their money”, Mr Flamang added.

Those that had opted for partial repayment or repayment in the form of festival vouchers had already been reimbursed by Ghent Jazz.

Sting plans to perform at this year’s Ghent Jazz music festival. Novastar and the veteran Northern Irish singer Van Morrison are also on the bill of this year’s Ghent Jazz.

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