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400 cannabis plants discovered at a house in Hoeilaart

Police in the sleepy Flemish Brabant village of Hoeilaart have discovered a cannabis plantation at a house in a residential area of the village. The news has been confirmed the Chief Commissioner of the Duivenstreek Local Police Service Sébastien Verbeke and the Halle-Vilvoorde Judicial Authorities. The discovery of the cannabis plants in a village most famous for its grapes than for issues related to illegal substances came purely by chance.  



At the request of the local authority registrar a community police officer paid a visit to the house as there was suspicion that a 19-year-old man that had given the address of the house as his legal abode wasn’t actually living there.  

“When the police arrived at the house a man that was on the drive immediately ran off”, the Judicial Authorities’ Spokeswoman Carol Vercarre told journalists. “He was followed, but the man that bore no resemblance to the 19-year-old was not found. Inside the house police officers found a cannabis plantation consisting of between 300 and 400 plants. An investigation has been launched, but there are currently no suspects”, Ms Vercarre added.

The forensic lab went to the scene and the plantation was dismantled with the help of the Civil Protection Agency and the employees electricity grid management company Fluvius. To allow the work to dismantle the plantation to be carried out safely the electricity supply to the whole street was switched off for a time on Saturday.  


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