10,000 demonstrators at Socialist Trade Union’s day of action

Around 10,000 people have taken part in a demonstration that is part of the Socialist Trade Union’s day of action. The march got under way from Brussels North Railway Station at 11am with the marchers arriving at Brussels South Station at around 1pm.   

Many of those taking part were dressed in red jackets. As well as trade unionists, representatives of the Socialist Health Mutual also took part. Representatives from the union and the health mutual both made speeches calling for (amongst other things) benefits to be raised to above the poverty line and for our system of social security to be protected and nurtured.

The Socialist Trade Union’s General Secretary Miranda Ulens told VRT News that “There is something wrong with the way in which the social security system is financed”.   

She also expressed her concern about the current political situation.

"The right-wing parties want to continue cutting revenue, but that means that you have to cut the amount spent. It is possible to find extra revenue without it impacted the ordinary citizen”.    

Paul Callewaert said “Solidarity must be restored and this can only be achieved if everyone is prepared to invest in it”. The Liberal and Christian trade unions did not take part in Tuesday’s demonstration.   


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