King will no longer deny that he is Delphine Boël’s father

Tests carried out on a sample of DNA provided by Belgium’s former Head of State King Albert II prove conclusively that he is the biological father of the artist Delphine Boël. The news was released by King Albert’s solicitor Alain Berenboom on Monday afternoon. Mr Berenboom also said that the 85-year-old royal will no longer dispute that he is Ms Boël legal father either.    

Six years ago Delphine Boël started legal action to gain recognition that she was the daughter of Albert II. The caught first confirmed that Jacques Boël is not Delphine Boël’s biological father.

Later King Albert was forced to provide a DNA sample. The results of the test were to be kept secret, but they could be used in the further paternity investigation.     

Mr Berenboom now says that the DNA tests show clearly that the King is Delphine Boël's father.

"His Majesty the King has learn of the results of the tests on the DNA sample he provided at the request of the Court of Appeal in Brussels. The scientific conclusion show that he is the biological father of Ms Delphine Boël”, an official statement reads.   

Legal Father

The King will no longer deny that he is Delphine Boël’s legal father.

"Even though there are legal arguments and objections that legal paternity isn’t necessarily a reflection of biological paternity – and objections can be raised about the procedure followed – King Albert has decided not to use these and to bring this pain procedure to a close with honour and dignity”.   

In a statement King Albert II says that since her birth he has never been involved in Delphine Boël’s family or social life and never took decisions relating to her upbringing or education. The King adds that he has always respected the bond Delphine Boël had with her legal father Jacques Boël

"More than forty years later Delphine Boël decided to break her legal and socio-affectionate bond with her father and to change family. Doing so via a long, painful procedure, that was legally contradictory”, the statement goes on.

The Royal Palace has let it be known that it won’t be commented on the issue.

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