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Australian detectives carry out DNA test on hair believed to be from missing Belgian

The Australian newspaper ‘The Australian’ reports that the family of the missing Belgian student Théo Hayez has been left surprised by the discovery and DNA testing of hairs found on cap. The cap is being treated as a “significant piece of evidence” in the investigation into the disappearance of the 18-year-old Belgian backpacker.  

The teenager from Brussels disappeared in Byron Bay, New South Wales last May. The cap was found by volunteers helping with the search for Théo last summers. A number of hairs were found on the cap that is believed to be the missing Belgian’s.   

Only now are detectives going to test the hairs for DNA. The news appears both in the Francophone dailies published by the Sudpresse group and the Australian daily ‘The Australian’. It remains to be seen whether the DNA tests will bring detectives any closer to resolving the mystery surrounding Théo Hayez’s disappearance. 

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