King extends’ Informateurs’ mission for another week

After hours of talks at the Royal Palace in Brussels on Tuesday evening, Belgium’s Head of State King Filip decided to give the two men he appointed 7 weeks ago another week to try and identify which parties could take part in the negotiations for the formation of a new federal coalition. After a meeting that lasted four hours Georges-Louis Bouchez (Francophone liberal) and Joachim Coens(Flemish Christian democrat) were given until next Tuesday to try and get the coalition talks on the rails.   

Will the new federal coalition be made up of the liberals, the socialists and the Flemish nationalists or will it be a green-socialist-liberal coalition with the Flemish Christian democrats on board? This is the question that has been posed an infinite number of times in the more than 8 months since the federal elections last May.

After 7 weeks of trying the two Informateurs are no nearer to providing answers than any of their predecessors. After a marathon audience lasting some 4 hours it was decided that the Informateurs’ mission should be extended until 4 February.   

Speaking after leaving the Palace, Joachim Coens said that he and Mr Bouchez would continue their work with the upmost discretion. He added that the most important issue was not that his and Mr Bouchez’s mission had been extended, but that a coalition is found to govern the country.

Mr Coens called on all parties to strive to find a solution.  


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