Kortrijk "street pooper" identified

Police in the West Flemish city of Kortrijk have identified the so-called “street pooper” that has smeared the display windows of numerous shops in the city centre with excrement over the past few weeks. Police used images from a number of CCTV cameras around the city centre to identify the culprit.  

Since the Christmas holidays a number of display windows and entrances to shops in Kortrijk city centre have been smeared with human excrement. A number of benches and the pavement terrace of a café suffered the same fate.

Local traders have expressed their discontent “really disgusting” one trader told Radio 2 West Flanders.  "This is certainly the case as cafés and bakeries were also hit”, the trader added.  

The police launched an investigation into the street pooper’s activities. He or she is mostly active in the Voorstraat and the Grote Kring in the heart of Kortrijk’s pedestrianised area. As this is also the commercial heart of the West Flemish city there are also numerous CCTV camera in the area. Thanks to this police have been able to identify the perpetrator and he/she has been taken in for questioning. 

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